Your phone is your lifeline! You can’t go anywhere without it. No matter how vigilant you are about keeping your iPhone safe and sound. But sometime later, your device will face the effects of normal wear and tear.

You don’t need to culminate into a panic. Nor do you need to have second thoughts about your switching your phone. Below is the guideline that will surely provide aid to your issue.

1. Clean the home button:

First things first, as you all are aware of the fact that with the passage of time, your iPhone can get attracted to a splash of soda, sticky hands, dirt in the bottom of your purse or pocket or whatnot can damage your device badly. But you don’t need to freak out. We’ve got the perfect cure for it. Easy and not at all time taking. All you need for this procedure is a cotton bud and some isopropyl (alcohol). Just dip the bud in it and get started. Rub it around the home button slightly. Wait for a couple of minutes and let it dry. Hopefully, this will clear out the dirt and grime causing the home button to not respond.

2. Restore and Calibrate:

If you are lucky enough, the reason behind your home button, not functioning could be due to the software glitch. To sort out this you need to calibrate and restore your device. This is one of the commonest issues people face with their home button. This can be solved within 10-15 minutes with just a little touch of cleanliness.

3. Realign the Docking Port:

There is also a chance that due to regular usage or every day plugging or plugging the connector, the docking port got misaligned. Although many of the technicians might advise you to replace your home button. But you don’t need to opt for this option when there is any easier cheap way. All you need to do is plug a USB cable to your device. Gradually push down on the 30-pin connector, it will eventually push up behind the home button. As you are applying the pressure, at the same time press the home button. Detach the cable and you will observe that it probably has solved your problem. You’ve got your home button fixed in no time.

4. Enable the Home Screen Button:

If the above three tips didn’t work, you don’t need to freak out or worry at all. The good news is that the iPhone has solutions to all your problems. You can still use your phone using its on-screen home button. Although it is used as an accessibility option for your home button issue you can avail this option. Henceforth to enable the home button on your screen, all you need to do is visit settings. General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch. You can turn on the assistive touch and you will observe a small circle on your screen. After tapping it, six options will appear on your screen. Home, Siri, Favorites, Notification Center, Device, and Control Center. You know what to do next. It’s not an ideal solution but it will help you carry your device for a longer period.

5. Repair the Home Button:

If the above four methods haven’t worked out, perhaps you’ve got some serious issues and you are cursed with an obsolete home button. Then it’s time to get your home button repaired for sure.

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