6 Hidden Tricks You Never Knew Your iPhone could do

Both your iPhones and smartphones have their pros and cons. Of course, iPhone has a lot of features that you all are aware of. Even though you are an everyday iPhone user, nonetheless there are still a handful of the hidden tricks you never knew about the iPhone. Some of the tricks are buried on the homepage, settings while some are on the buttons and many more ahead. So, if you want to discover these wonderfully hidden ornaments, read the blog till the end.

  1. Shake to delete:

We all need to type words in our daily routines in applications like mail, messages, notes etc. Or we might just need to edit tools through a cut, copy or paste. Sometimes you might be in a hurry. You need a feature that might be much faster than pressing and holding the back/delete button for the unwanted text. All you need to do is shake your iPhone, and before you know the unwanted text has vanished into thin air. Plus you can shake again to redo it.

But if this feature is annoying you accidentally or happens to pop up often you can deactivate it. Visit your iPhone settings. Select General, Accessibility, and Shake to Undo, and then tap to turn off. You’re good to go now.

2. Hide your private picture:

You frequently hand your iPhone friends to view picture, your siblings or kids to play some games. But you stop and remember there are private pictures you want people to disclose. Worry not! That’s where iPhone steps in. Even though there are apps for such purpose. But why waste your storage and time when you can avail this amazing feature right in your cell phone. All you need to do is visit the Photos app, select the required images. Moreover, tap the Share button. Now choose Hide. The selected images will become invisible via the Moments, Collections, and Years views. But don’t’’ freak out, you can still access those images through the Albums screen.

3. Fix Siri’s Pronunciation:

We all are familiar with iPhone’s voice-controlled personal assistant, Siri. Even though Siri is great at providing us information relevant to weather, direction and many more. Apparently, the funny thing is that sometimes just sometimes Siri doesn’t pronounce the words in the correct manner. Particularly in terms of someone’s name or places. You can’t blame Siri for that, since pronunciation for other languages origins, might be problematic for Siri to pronounce. But even this can be sorted out. If Siri misspells something just correct it. For the next time, it is stored and Siri won’t make the same mistake again. Simple as that.

4. Respond to your text from your lock screen:

If you get bizarre by continuously unlocking your cell phone for texting purpose. You don’t need to worry from now on. iPhone provides you with a remarkable feature where you can easily respond to your texts directly from your lock screen. Just by pulling down on the notification drawer and swiping over to the left on the text notification. You’ll see a reply option. If you tap the reply button it will give you access to type your text without having to unlock your iPhone. The solution to your problem is right in front of you. Now you can easily enjoy texting.

5. Faster Charging:

If you would want your iPhone to charge faster, or there are days when you forget to charge your phone or it’s just one of those gloomy days you wake up late for work. You want your phone charged quickly. So, the solution to this problem is as easy as ever. All you need to do for this is, switch on your airplane mode while charging it. This significantly will speed up your charging probably 10 times than your usual charging. By the time you get ready, it will be fully charged. Or if not fully at least up to 50%.

6. Take a Screenshot:

It always turns out to be useful when you save text, taking a picture from a website or a funny meme. All you need for this is to press your home button along with the power off/on button at the same time. Voila! You’ve captured all you wanted within seconds. This screenshot feature of the iPhone will let you avail all the hilarious or informative subjects you want without wasting your time. Plus guys the great part is that it is not difficult at all.

To sum it up, these were some of the few hidden gems of iPhones. These will surely help you if you face such issues which are mentioned above. You no longer have to dig in and find out the solution. You just need to keep your eyes and mind wide open. Happy Surfing!

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