7 tips to fix your iPhone not charging

7 tips to fix your iPhone not charging:

Have you ever met problems where your iPhone’s battery reach less after an hour in other words battery drainage? Or it won’t completely charge? Or if it charging slower than ever? At times like these, you come up with second thoughts like changing your battery to a brand new one. But you don’t need to emerge any second thoughts after reading this blog. Following are some few tips on how to fix your iPhone’s battery, which has stopped working.

  1. Restart your iPhone:

The simplest and easiest tip you will receive from anyone is to restart your iPhone. Often, a program gets stuck or a bug appears which slows down your charging or causes drainage of battery. For this, the best way is to restart your phone. When it restarts the bug gets fixed or the program restarts. Henceforth your battery gets back to its usual speed.

2. Let it charge for a bit:

If your phone is not charging, then what you need to do is let it charge for a bit. Give it sometime around 30 minutes or an hour, let your battery collect a little battery juice and you will see that it is back to its original form.

3. Try different sockets, USB port or chargers:

If both the above tips haven’t worked or helped you out then you probably need to switch to a different sock, change USB port or most probably try a different charger. Sometimes the issue doesn’t appear to be on the phone. But rather your socket, USB port or charger happens to be damaged. Henceforth, you don’t need to curse your phone.

4. Clean iPhone’s charging port:

In some cases when your iPhone isn’t working properly, there are some obstructions i.e. dirt or lint that keeps your iPhone from charging. Try using a toothpick or nylon to remove the dust. But beware not to use anything metal like paperclip as this could cause serious electronic damage.

5. Possible lighting cable damage:

Apple’s cable isn’t exactly known for durability. They are thin and the wire often gets damaged. Always observe your wire. If signs of fray or tear appear on the wire then don’t waste your time and mind and get cleaning. Henceforth, when facing this problem always remember to check your charging port surely.

6. Reset your iPhone Settings:

Sometimes when your iPhone isn’t charging, the simplest tip is to reset your iPhone all settings. You have to undergo three basic steps. Step no. 1 is you simply need to visit your general settings. Step no. 2 press the reset settings option and last but not the least step no 3 where you need to enter your passcode and reset all your settings. Hopefully, after this process, your iPhone will be charging faster than ever.

7. Repair:

Lastly, when you have tried all of the above the tips and you got no result from them. Then, you could send your phone for repairing when you give up completely.

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