Do you happen to know which part of the phone you rely on the most? Whether you are making a call or listening to music. The speaker is the most important dependent part of the phone. But, what if the speaker stops working? When your iPhone’s speakers stop working, so does the many features. Your music stops playing, you won’t get to know that you received a message because that “Ding” sound won’t be heard. Moreover, you won’t be able to talk to anyone on the call using the speaker. Speakers have become a necessity for everybody. Below are a few fixes that will help you fix your iPhone speaker issue for good!

Now the very first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that is your iPhone speaker suffering from a hardware or software repair.

1. Your iPhone isn’t on Silent:

We all have been through this all the time I am sure. Usually, we are unable to hear our messages or calls. We end up thinking that our speakers are not working. We have seconds thoughts about changing our phone or getting it repaired. Henceforth, before anything as such check your phone whether it is on silent or not.

2. Restart your iPhone:

When facing issues regarding your phone’s speakers, the simplest and easiest fix is that your phone might just need the basic simple restart.

3. Clean your iPhone’s speaker:

Even the tiniest bit of dirt and muck can turn out unfavorable for your iPhone’s speakers. Often, some dust particles can affect your speaker, headphone port or volume. It is extremely a necessity to regularly clean all parts of your phone. You must keep in mind that you are dealing with sensitive technology here which is why you need to take good care of them. All you need to do is take a bud, spray a little alcohol and slowly clean the speaker. After this act, wait for a few minutes and then you may check your speakers. This is one of the best cures.

4. Examine all your sound feature:

If you are experiencing distorted voices or hearing no sounds at all. Visit your settings and inspect your sound settings and further ahead test your speakers changing your settings as required.

5. Update your iOS latest version:

One of the reasons for your speaker issue could be your Ios is not updated. Always make sure you’ve has your latest version. Moreover when you have updated it and you have restarted your iPhone. Make sure you visit your sound settings and test your speakers. Hopefully, this will solve your issue.

6. Repair your iPhone:

Lastly, when you have tried all of the above steps and none of them have worked. Then you may visit a technician and get your iPhone fixed.

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