Frequently Asked Questions

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Please feel free to check out our FAQs section before  making any transactions.  You are also welcome to email us in case if you do not see the topic below.  We will be more than happy to help you!


How long will it take for my device to be repaired?

Our aim is to fix most devices in store within a 30 minute timeframe. Postal repairs can take up to 72 hours since the arrival of the device at our repair centre.

Does the repair of my device have a warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all device repairs. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Should I take any steps before handing over my device?

Whilst we take every care with your device, we advise that you back up your device and reset it back to the factory settings before you hand over your device for security purposes. We do not access any documents or data on your device.

Do you erase the data while the phone is in repair?

Software repair usually requires us to format the device, but before we go ahead, we will ask for your permission.

Are the parts that MobileBitz use to fix my device, original Manufacturers Parts?

Our parts for Apple devices are Apple compatible parts. Our Samsung parts are original equipment manufactured. On all parts that we use to fix your device we offer a lifetime warranty.

If I use MobileBitz to fix my device will this void my manufacturer’s warranty?

Use of our repair service can invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. However, rest assured we cover all repairs we undertake with a lifetime warranty.

Why do you need my password?

We will only ask for your password for testing your device after the repair. Your personal data will not be accessed.