At Mobile Bitz, you can post us your device via your courier service if and when you’re unable to visit any of our branches or when appointment is unavailable. When you sent us your device at our service centre, we’ll arrange a collection via courier service. However, you agree that you will be applicable to additional courier service charges for collection which will be included in your payment.

Once your device is repaired, we will ship it out through a trusted courier service. Here it is important to note that any goods shipped to you must be examined upon receipt. You must contact us immediately within (Insert number of days) if you have received a damaged item by the courier. You shall not hold us liable for your failure to respond in a timely manner in case of receiving a damaged item.
Though courier services aim to deliver the next working day, in certain circumstances a delay may be caused. Therefore, you shall not hold us liable for a delay from the courier service.


You can make the payment by credit card, debit card. We accept all major credit and debit cards.
Please note that all payment shall be made prior to the repair.

No Fix Means No Fee

We at Mobile Bitz follow a no fix and no fee policy which means that if we don’t repair your device, then you don’t have to pay us. Also, you agree that we’ll have no liability towards you if we’re unable to fix it. We cannot always guarantee that your device (s) is capable of repair.
Our no fix and no fee policy, is not applicable on:
  • On diagnostic services or any element of repair services which has been completed or performed for you, and
  • Liquid damage repair.
Where our no fix and no fee policy apply, we shall refund your money paid by you to us minus he postage cost of the returning device.


If in case your device gets damaged beyond economical repair due to any reason, you agree that our liability will only be limited to the product replacement cost. You take full responsibility for data stored on the device and accept that Mobile Bitz has no liability for loss of data howsoever caused.
When you send us a damaged device, you give us the right to our technicians to open it for diagnosis and repair. Opening a damaged device comes with a risk as it may result in some minor damages. However, we do make sure that it doesn’t happen but if it does we will offer a repair or replacement.


Please note that the payment price for repair services is an indicative non-binding quote provided to you based on the information that you’ve provided us regarding your damaged device. Therefore, we shall notify you if needed about the difference in the cost of repair and the repair service that you should be selected upon receiving the device. We will notify you to establish whether or not you want to proceed with the repairs at the increased cost. If you don’t agree to the increased cost, we shall not perform repair services, and you shall not hold us liable in whatsoever way. We’ll refund the sum previously paid by you minus the postage cost of device return.
For consumers, all of the quoted prices by Mobile Bitz include VAT. However, for business customers the quoted prices are exclusive of VAT. Therefore, VAT will be applicable and payable on all the repair services.
For more information or queries contact us at [email protected]