The Power Ride X365 ESCOOTER is great fun for all. It’s packed with top quality features including; a 350W motor, rear warning lights, non-slip handles, super-bright headlights and can fold down to 49cm x 108cm in 3 seconds.


The Power Ride electric scooter is also equipped with a ventilated disc brake system and an E-abs anti-lock system, meaning you are able to brake quickly and safely.


Other features include: LED front light, LED brake light, a top speed of 25KM/H build, a foldable design making it easy to carry and store and connects to a smartphone app.


*Individual Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs)

The battery innovation propels as of late offered path to the well known craze of “hoverboards” and other comparable little electric scooters and light vehicles that have electric engines attached.

To the extent UK law goes, these are not presently legitimate for use on UK roadways and streets.

However, the government are currently reviewing legislation, fast tracking plans to trial them in cities. Originally planned for 2021, the trial has been brought forward to June 2020. For now, they are focusing on hire-schemes rather than ownership, but we hope this changes in the coming months.

There are a lot of very genuine and great electric scooters accessible that are well known in European urban communities as options in contrast to bicycles or mopeds. In France, for instance, these low-speed portability gadgets can be utilized in cycle paths.

Regularly these light vehicles can rapidly will velocities of 15mph or more which has raised worries over wellbeing. Until further notice at any rate, they are simply lawful to be utilized for private land and parks but we’re seeing an increasing amount used for commuting.




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Technical Specification:

Frame material: aluminum alloy
Tire size: 8.5 inches
Motor power: 350W
Voltage: 36 v
Battery capacity: 7.8AH
Charging time: 4-6H
Maximum range: 120KM
Maximum load: Disc brakes
Maximum speed: 25KM/H
Maximum climb: 22 degrees
Expanded size: 1056*430*1166MM
Folding size: 1056*430*490MM
Colour: Grey, White
Net weight: 12.3 KG
Gross weight: 14.8 KG
Dimensions of outer case: 1100*155*530MM
Attachment list: Charger, instruction manual, assembly screws
Battery capacity: 36V7.8AH
Max Speed: 25KM


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