Forget Network and the reconnect:

If you have failed the above one, you may try forgetting your network and then reconnect it. Your phone’s Network Settings contain all kinds of information. If one of the Wi-Fi settings is corrupted, it could prevent you from getting on the Wi-Fi network. For this, all you need to do is visit your general settings, then select your WiFi. Moreover, select forget your networks option. Furthermore, try your WiFi settings and then try connecting your networks from scratch. Hopefully, this will solve your issue. If not you know what to do, shift to the next method.

Check Airplane Mode:

In this case, next, you need to be 100% sure that your iPhone is not on airplane mode. Visit your settings, and make certain that your airplane mode is switched off. Because this mode also blocks you from connecting your WiFi. So, before freaking out examine your iPhone fully.

Reset your settings:

Sometimes, all your phone asks for is a simple reset. Resetting your phone benefits you and hence resets all connectivity. This works in most cases and if you are lucky enough it might sort out your issue as well. All you need to do is Go to Settings, General, Reset and select Reset All Settings.

Update iOS software:

Sometimes, your WiFi stops working cause your mobile is demanding for some serious update. You regularly need to keep a check on your phone for updates and more. Visit your Settings, then General and select Software Update.

Restart your WiFi Router:

Lastly, sometimes we keep cursing our phone while the problem isn’t with our phone but rather the router. Wi-Fi routers can also suffer from software flaws, not just your phone. If you haven’t tried this already, then you must. Turn your Wifi router on and off and restart it. This will more or less sort out your issue.

Last …

At this stage, if your iPhone hasn’t still connected to your WiFi, you must be getting really exasperated. Rooting down for your issue, this will probably be a hardware issue. Often your WiFi greyed out and you need a serious repair. Perhaps your device might be suffering from liquid damage or dirt or what not. Hopefully, I hope we assisted you in dealing with your issues regarding your WiFi. One of them will surely be the cure to your issue.

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